Angolan Social Media Influencer Sentenced To Two Years For “Insulting” The President

Neth Nahara, an Angolan social media influencer has been sentenced to two years in prison for “insulting” the President on a Tiktok video she made.

Initially sentenced to six months in prison in August 2023, her sentence was moved up to two years by the Court of Appeal that felt six months was “too moderate”.

According to a report by Okay Africa, Ms. Nahara accused President Joao Lourenco in a Tiktok video of being the cause of disorganisation in Angola. 

She went on to say that his leadership has seen a lack of schools, employment and housing for Angolans.

Her six month sentence was first issued by the Luanda District Court. This was done in accordance with Article 333 of Angola’s Penal Code.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office however felt the sentencing was too moderate and appealed to the Luanda Court of Appeal. In less than five days after, her sentence was increased to two years.

President Joao Lourenco has been the President of Angola since 2017 and was recently elected for his second term in August 2022. 

Ms. Nahara pleaded on the grounds that she is a first time offender and a mother to young children. However, the court dismissed her plea and asked her to pay $1,200 dollars to the President for the “damage caused to his reputation”.

Her lawyer, Francisco Muteka, also said that this will be the first time anyone in Angola will be convicted over something posted on Tiktok.

Ana da Silva Miguel, popularly known as Neth Nahara, is a popular Angolan Youtuber, singer and social media influencer.

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