First Lady of Nigeria Clarifies Comments About Meghan Markle amid False Reports

The First Lady of Nigeria has addressed misconceptions following a speech that was mistakenly seen as disapproval of Meghan Markle’s outfit when she visited the country.

Senator Oluremi Tinubu gained attention post Meghan’s visit when a video emerged of her addressing the struggles encountered by Nigeria’s youth at an event commemorating the first year of her husband, Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s, presidency.

“We are not having the Met Gala. And everyone, the nakedness is just everywhere, and the men are well-clothed. So we have to do something.

“Tell them the way it is — we don’t accept nakedness in our culture. That is not beautiful,” Mrs Tinubu said.

“It is not beautiful at all. And they are all beautiful girls, but they should be confident in who they are.

“They are mimicking and trying to emulate film stars from America. They don’t know where they come from,

“Why did Meghan come here, looking for Africa? That is something we have to take home with. We know who we are, and don’t lose who you are”, she concluded.

This particular statement led to inaccurate reports from various media outlets, suggesting that the speech directly criticized the Duchess of Sussex’s tour wardrobe.

The First Lady’s office therefore in a statement to AFP Fact Check clarified that the mention of the Duchess of Sussex was related to her quest to comprehend her roots and heritage following Meghan’s discovery of her Nigerian descent.

The statement reads in part, “She meant Meghan appreciates the people we are and hence her coming here,

“At no point did she say anything about Meghan’s dressing”.

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