5 Deep Learning Courses That Will Help Students Jumpstart a New Career

Deep learning (DL) is a branch of machine learning that leverages artificial neural networks to extract progressively higher-level features from available data. In 2022, the global deep-learning market reached $49.6 billion, and it keeps growing further, hence the high demand for top-level specialists in this field.

Starting a career in this field has a huge number of perks. It’s fast-paced and future-proof, which can give you a lot of stability. Also, it pays well. The national average salary for such professionals is over $80,000 per year. Not to mention that this is an incredibly challenging and, thus, exciting field to work in. The primary problem, however, is that you can’t acquire all the knowledge and skills needed for this profession in college. This is mostly because the standardized program just can’t keep up with such ever-changing industries. But you can jump-start your career with the right courses!

If you are already in college, find someone to ask, “Please, write my term paper for me,” to reduce the academic load and find a balance between your courses and full-time studies. And read on to learn about the greatest deep-learning courses out there that will let you build a successful career!

Deep Learning A-Z

Without a doubt, Udemy is one of the most useful educational resources available today. The platform features a huge catalog of courses from leading professionals and universities in over 65 languages. It also boasts affordable prices, an intuitive interface, and significant flexibility that will let you combine your education on this platform with your college studies. Thus, the first recommendation on our list is a course available on Udemy.

DL A-Z is one of the best options for students of all levels. It requires basic school knowledge of math and some background in Python to get started. The program has an incredibly strong structure that contains 22 hours of video, 169 lectures, and 34 articles that cover the topic from A to Z. You will acquire all skills and knowledge needed to start your career.

A Deep Understanding of DL

The next option is also available on Udemy. So there is no need to talk more about the convenience of the platform. This top-rated course has already received plenty of satisfied reviews from students. And it can help you master DL from the ground up and build all skills for a successful career too.

The program includes as much as 57.5 hours of video lectures and some additional materials too. A huge benefit of this option is that it provides you with more than 8 hours of Python tutorials, so you can join as a complete beginner. Also, it provides you with a certificate of completion, which can become a great addition to your resume. According to students and grads, this program is excellent for future machine learning experts and data scientists.

Deep Learning Tutorial for Beginners

The next opportunity can be found on SimpliLearn. The platform provides a wealth of tutorials, lessons, ebooks, practice tests, and other academic materials to help you master different subjects and topics, including DL.

There are several major perks of taking this course. First of all, the tutorial consists of 18 lessons that are all free of charge. Secondly, the program covers a variety of crucial skills and topics, including image and video processing, DL algorithms, Python, and much more. On top of that, it will teach you everything related to convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks, Keras, and more. So it’s indeed a great place to start your experience with DL.

Data Science: Deep Learning

The next one on our list is another program offered by Udemy. Data Science: Deep Learning is meant to give students an in-depth intro to DL. It features 12 hours of video and 89 lectures that cover the subject from cover to cover and help you acquire the needed skills along the way.

The most exciting thing about this course is that it will teach you how to craft your first artificial neural network with the help of Python and TensorFlow code. That is, you will acquire hands-on experience in this field that will help you in your future job. It also will give you a certificate of completion. However, we have to mention that starting on this program requires you to have knowledge in matrix arithmetic, calculus derivatives, probability, Python, and Nymphy.

Intro to Deep Learning

The last one on our list is a great introductory course available at Kaggle. Kaggle provides a variety of helpful educational materials and classes to empower data scientists and other professionals with up-to-date knowledge. Their program on DL is meant specifically to teach you how to build and train neural networks with the help of TensorFlow and Keras.

The program is absolutely free of charge, which is perfect for students. It consists of six sections and can take only four hours to complete. Generally, the course can suit the needs of students of all levels and with different goals. However, the creators of the program suggest getting through their Intro to Machine Learning class first to gain the foundation necessary to make the most out of this one. Thus, if you are a beginner, you might want to grasp the basics before you start this course. But it’s certainly worth giving it a try!

The Bottom Line

The deep learning industry is still developing. Yet, it has already found applications across nearly all industries and verticals. It’s used for translation, word recognition, fraud prevention, and many other purposes. Thus, getting a job like this can be incredibly beneficial and fulfilling for you.

Luckily, now you know how to jump-start a career in this field. Use the best write my essay services to decrease the load in college, and spend your time taking the best DL courses from this list. Put a bit of effort into it now, and it will definitely pay off in the future!

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