Ibadan Business School Presents Start X&Y Accelerator Program

Are you an entrepreneur? Or looking to start your own business? Are you based in Ibadan? Then this opportunity is for you! The Ibadan Business School presents its accelerator program for businesses, Start X&Y Accelerator Program. 

BlankPaperz Launches Powerful A-Writers Masterclass to Develop Young Writers in Calabar, an international platform that supports young writers across Africa, has launched the A-Writers Masterclass, a 3-day event scheduled to hold from June 14-16, 2018 at the James Ene Henshaw Foundation Center, Calabar. The goal of this writers masterclass...
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Short Hair Hacks: How To Style Short Hair

Short hair can be fun initially, until you end up having the same look or style for 6 months straight. We get it! Hair-inspiration is not something that is easy to come by.
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Can Men Be Feminists?

Can men be feminists? How important is this question to the movement, and more importantly, how did you arrive at your answer?

Let’s Normalize Having Period Sex

Having your period should not stop you from securing your orgasms. In fact, there are many benefits associated with having sex while on your monthly subscription to mother nature.

All You Need To Know About Foot Binding

Female genital mutilation, although common, is not the only violent and invasive culture that women are subject to. Up until the early 20th century, foot binding was a popular practice in many regions of China

Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women

Forbes recently released a list of 100 most powerful women. These women range from presidents, politicians, to tech CEOs & entrepreneurs.