Pros of going makeup free

While going makeup free may be normal for some ladies, it is a huge step for most women who are used to a daily makeup routine.

Chrome Nail Effect; The Coolest Fad In Town

The coolest nail polish trend is happening right now. It's all over the internet, instagram and everyone seem to be wearing it. And if you're not already obsessed with chrome nails, you're about to be

Lipsticks for different occasions

A killer look with makeup is never complete without a nice shade of lipstick.

19 Uses Of Coconut Oil We Bet You Never Knew

Skin Moisturizer: Cocount oil is totally healthy for your skin as it works wonders. Use before bed each day by rubbing in a circular motion into your face, let sit for 5minutes and the wash off.

Make-up tricks!!! Want your makeup to look better and last longer? Check out these tips!

To make the latter look good and last throughout the whole day, we often need to know a tip or two. In this article, we present you with five makeup tricks you should stick to!
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Where Exactly Is Kainene?

We all love Chimamanda Adichie but when it comes to Kainene, it is one thing she's done that drove us crazy. First she makes us think little of this character,
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Dora Siliya, Zambia’s Information Minister Tests Positive For Corona Virus

The minister of information and broadcasting in Zambia, Minister Dora Siliya announced on Saturday May 23, that she has tested positive for Coronavirus.

Here Is Why Heartbreak Insurance Is Fast Becoming A Thing

Have you heard about heartbreak insurance? Apparently, there is something called a heartbreak insurance policy supposed to help cushion the effect of heartbreak.

#PIAPlaneCrash : Top Pakistani Model, Zara Abid Reportedly Among The 97 People Killed In Plane Crash

Zara Abid, top Pakistani model is feared to be among the 97 people killed on a passenger aircraft which crashed into a housing estate on Friday.

Netflix Star And Japanese Wrestler Hana Kimura Dies At 22

Professional Japanese wrestler and Netflix star, Hana Kimura has died at the age of 22. The Netflix star had appeared in the latest series of Netflix reality show, Terrace House.