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Sarah Bessey: Finally someone seeks to bridge the gap between Christianity and Feminism

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Sarah Bessey , an award winning Canadian Blogger is bridging the gap between Christianity and Feminism. Author of Jesus Feminist: An Invitation To Revisit The Bible’s View Of Women (Howard Books, 2013) and Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith(2015).

Sarah Bessey
Sarah Bessey

In her books, blogs, she emphasizes the fact that delving into her faith informed her feminism. In her interview with The Star Phoenix she talks about how following Jesus made her a feminist.

I’m not a feminist in spite of my faith. I’m a feminist because of it, and the book is my story of discovering God’s heart for women and the ways the Church can celebrate, affirm, and support the voices and experiences of women.

Her books help readers understand core Christian issues, as she recognizes the fact that using the word “Feminism” is still very risky in traditional Christian spaces.

She believes that the church can be a very good example to the society on what equality and inclusion should look like. Christianity and Feminism are two parallels and it is a herculean task making a case for feminism in front of traditional Christians who are often closed off to new ways of reasoning.

In spite of the seeming difficulties, Sarah Bessey is making a case for feminism to be easily discussed in Christian spaces. People are in heavy conflicts over whether feminism is inclusive of Christian values and over the years, the church has refused to address issues surrounding Gender Equality. It can also be said that for the most part, the Old Testament drives Misogyny and Patriarchy and for this reason, the church would rather be in the safe zone of not addressing issues affecting feminism than go in-depth to discussing these issues. Christianity and Feminism have been on parallel paths and it is a breath of fresh air to have someone try to bridge the gap.

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Watch Sarah Bessey speak on what it means to be a Jesus Feminist in the video below:

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