The Story Of Breffu, A Female Slave Of Ghanaian Descent, Who Led The Longest Lasting Rebellion In West Indies In 1733

Breffu, today known as the Queen of St. John was a slave in West Indies who led one of the longest lasting rebellion ever recorded in history of slave trade. This rebellion lasted between November 1733 and August 1734.

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Breffu who was of Ghanaian descent, particularly from the Akwamu tribe was enslaved at a plantation owned by Pieter Krøyer. They lived in Coral Bay. During this period, the Danes, (a North Germanic tribe inhabiting southern Scandinavia, including the area now comprising Denmark proper, during the Nordic Iron Age and the Viking Age. They founded what became the Kingdom of Denmark) were in control over the West Indies. Power had shifted from the Spanish, British, French, Dutch, and now, the Danes controlled the region.

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