All You Need To Know About KEWOPA – Kenyan Women In Parliament

KEWOPA – The Kenya Women Parliamentary Association is a women membership association to which women parliamentarians from all political parties in the Kenyan Senate and National Assembly belong.

Members of KEWOPA Led by Runyenjes MP Cecily Mbarire who chairs the association.

Today, it boasts 86 members from the National Assembly and Senate as follows:

16 Members elected from single Member constituencies

47 County Women Members of Parliament

5 Nominated Members of the National Assembly from political parties;

18 nominated senators including 2 representatives of the youth and persons with disabilities respectively.

History of KEWOPA – Kenyan Women In Parliament

KEWOPA was established in 2001 by 8 women who belonged to the Kenyan parliament. Their main objective was to address the issues which women members of the Kenyan parliament faced especially in building their capacities as legislators and representatives of their constituents and lobbying of women-centred policies and laws.

Soon, women leaders began to see increased visibility and increase in influence within key political parties. And this led to the entry of more women into parliament through direct elections and nominations to special seats reserved for parties.

Eventually, the number of women in KEWOPA increased from 8 to 18, and it became an officially registered organization in 2004.

Functions of KEWOPA

The function of KEWOPA today is to ensure that both men and women are equally represented in parliament and decision making in public and private sectors in order to promote sustainable development.

It also functions to promote advancement of parliamentary democracy by enhancing knowledge and understanding of democratic governance and facilitate the networking of women parliamentarians for the socio-economic development of Kenya.

KEWOPA works under the leadership of an Executive Committee headed by a chairperson and supported by a secretariat that provides technical and administrative support in realizing its vision.

KEWOPA’s scope of work is based on four strategic areas that are:

1. Legislative and oversight function

KEWOPA aims to ensure the enhancement of individual and collective legislation function of MP’s, advance watch dog building skills, develop leadership skills to increase their participation in parliamentary committees and develop diplomatic and interactive capacities of the members.

2. Representative function

It seeks to boost the individual and collective representative functions of MP’s with regard to constituency development and management and continuous engagement with voters on policy and community issues.

3. Political party function

KEWOPA also seeks to ensure the advancement of its members and their participation in political party activities. This includes ensuring that members participate actively on party platforms and party policy development.

4. Institutional strengthening

It seeks to enhance its institutional capacity of the secretariat to promote and facilitate the members in their legislative, political and representative functions.

KEWOPA contacts

The Kenya Women Parliamentary Association

P. O. Box 41842 00100 Nairobi, Kenya.

The Parliament Office

Harambee Sacco Plaza, 8th Floor Room 6

Tel No:254719561738; 254 20 2848397 or 254 20 2221291 Ext. 39397


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  1. The information on this article is a little bit out of date. The current chairperson for KEWOPA is Hon Purity Ngirici. Further, the membership has increased.

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